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Do you buy vinyl/merchandise?

Yes we do. Soundbytes is always interested in buying in your old vinyl/tapes/cd's and will offer you top cash for your collection! Please call us or email us and we will give you an instant decision and idea of what we will pay. We can even travel (at our discretion) to pick up your collections in person, making the whole process even easier for you.

Why do you have a £9.99 minimum order?

Unlike many larger commercial business' Soundbytes is run by a small team of people who feel passionate about the music and the collectors market, however as we keep our prices amongst the lowest you will see, we have had to take this step and apologise sincerely to any customers wishing to purchase an item/s lower than £9.99.

What payment methods do you accept?

Please process all orders, regardless of payment option using our sophisticated shopping cart solution as this will ensure the item/s are reserved for you as we use a real time system. All credit card orders are given priority and this is by far the easiest and quickest way to order at Soundbytes. We also accept UK postal orders, cash, in euros, pounds sterling or US dollars, cheques drawn from a UK bank account, girobank cash-cheque in UK sterling, bankers draft in UK sterling, direct bank transfer, chaps, or TT, Please note all payments should be made payable to "Soundbytes".

Is it safe to use my credit card at Soundbytes?

We are powered by Protx who are Verisign Secured, so rest assured your order is in safe hands. We do not store any of our customer’s credit card details whatsoever.

Why does your online cart not work?

This could be several things, but the most common cause is the cookie settings being on high on your computer, if you go to your internet options section (this is accessed through “my computer, then click on control panel) and allow cookies this should fix the problem, if this does not help and you have tried adding records to your cart or ordering several times and there are still problems, please email us for assistance.

Why does my credit card not work?

We accept the following cards: Switch, Solo, JCB, Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Visa Electron and American Express. If you are trying to pay with any other card, your order cannot be processed. If you are still having problems, kindly ensure you have adequate funds on the card and there is no problem with the card issuer, sometimes you will need to call them directly to establish there are no problems at their end. Further problems can arise if you have filled out the order form incorrectly, so please check over your card and address details carefully. Once all of these checks have been carried out, and if you are still having problems, please email us, and we will endeavour to find out what is wrong.

Can I pick up my tunes from you directly?

We are an internet only company, so this would not be possible, all orders must be sent out via Royal Mail.

Do you have a shop I can visit where I can look through the tunes?

To keep prices low, we do not have a shop.

How will my order be dispatched?

All UK orders are sent out using first class recorded delivery, all International orders are sent out using Royal Mail first class airmail delivery. All orders are sent in professional stiff cardboard mailers.

Where is my order?

Orders are sent off everyday and most UK orders should arrive within 1-3 working days of receipt and International orders within 4-8 working days, however arrival times are beyond our control if delayed by Royal Mail. If you feel the order has taken beyond the usual time, please email us and we will do our best to find out what is going on.

I have only received part of my order, what is going on!

To speed up delivery and ensure that your order is usually sent out on the same or next working day, we use Royal Mail, there is a 2kg limit for most orders, therefore in the case of larger orders (usually anything over 10 records) we would send them in separate packages so chances are you will receive the other part of your order very soon.

Are all of your records in stock?

Yes, all of our items are in stock and we have a sophisticated auto stock deletion system in real-time therefore avoiding the problem of double orders however nobody is perfect, and there are rare occasions that stock levels maybe out of sync and items are no longer in stock, but 99.9% of the stock listed is available. On the odd occasion that an item is missing, we will send you an email the same or next business day informing you of this and at your discretion you may choose a full refund for the missing item and postage for that missing item only, or extra store credit which at our discretion will be set generously above the missing item/s by way of compensation for the inconvienience. You will not be permitted to cancel the order outright in the event that one of the items is missing. If you do not answer our first email then another email will be sent out to you however if we do not recieve communication from you within 5 working days after initially placing the order then we shall refund your credit card with the total cost of the missing item plus postage for the missing item/s that you paid, and then send out the rest of your order (if any) straight away.

I want a record I saw on your site, but I cannot find it anymore?

Chances are, someone else has bought it, as our site is in real time, once a customer buys a record, if there are no more copies, then they got the only copy available and our system has updated itself to reflect this.

Can I send you a list of tunes I want or can you help me with a tune identification?

Although we do allow customers to send us their lists, it is quicker for you to simply use the search facility on the site, this is comprehensive, and if used correctly will quickly tell you whether the records you are searching for are in stock or not. We can also i.d tunes for our customers, please email us and we will try our best.

Your search facility is yielding no results, what is wrong?

To use the search facility correctly, it is best to enter information in a single field, without using any punctuation whatsoever. It also helps to keep the information as brief as possible. Make sure that you enter the information in the correct fields, for example entering “DJ HYPE” in the label section will return little or nothing where as entering it in the artist or even title section will. If you want to browse by labels simply enter the label name in the label section and remember if, for example you are searching for “SUBURBAN BASE” please enter that instead of “SUB BASE” as we never use the short terms for labels. Lastly if you want to just look for a specific record the best way is to just enter the title in the title field, but remember, if at first nothing shows up, try shortening the name or using half the title.

Can I buy multiple copies of records?

Yes, on your cart, you will see a box with the number “1” in it, you can always enter a new amount, but remember, we specialise in rare and deleted records, so if the record shows as red, that means there is only one copy so you can only buy one. Usually the unplayed original copies are the items that we may have a higher stock level of, however if you are wanting more that one copy of anything else, it is always worth a try adding another one to your cart, using the above method, as we do sometimes have multiple copies of used stock as well.

I cannot hear your soundfiles, or some of them do not work?

You must download real audio player, please make sure you have this downloaded on your computer, if you have not got it, you can get it by clicking here and downloading it for free. If this has been done, please make sure your speakers are working correctly, and your mute button is not on. Sometimes our soundfiles are faulty and we ask you kindly to report these to us by emailing us and we will endeavour to fix them as soon as possible.

Do you offer postage discounts for larger orders?

At our discretion and solely depending on the value of the order we can offer postage discounts and for overseas orders even arrange a FedEx delivery. Please email us for further information.

Can you offer an uprated delivery option for overseas customers?

Yes, if you live abroad and are not happy with our standard Royal Mail First Class International Air mail service then we can send your order out to you via International Signed For service. Please email us for further information.

I have a comment/idea for Soundbytes

Soundbytes is a forward thinking company, who value it’s customers opinions, so if you think you have an idea or have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear from you so please email us and let us know what you are thinking.